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Since the Wallee System has often Outages and Payments in Authorized Status, and no one knows, then the Status changes, it is helpful to have a Bulk Complete Button.

Today, there was again a major Outtage for 1 hour. Payments got authorized, but not completed and no webhook was sent. You can do that manually, go to an payment and "complete" it, that worked in 99% of the cases. Then you start the Webhook, and all is good.

A Question here is, when does Wallee that automaticly? Is there a Cronjob? All 15 Minutes? Because payments waited >30 Minutes in Authorized Status. But manually, you can complete it, so I'm wondering, why it can't happend every Minute?

But to make that much easier, for like 30 Payments, please add a Function to selected these Authorized Payments and try to complete all of these by 1 Button. Today, you need to open each Payment, go to Completions and Press a button.

posted by Dominik MEGERT (140 points)

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